7 Bukit Mertajam Cafes You Must Visit When You're Around Penang

By Michelle Anne Kam - September 30, 2020
7 Bukit Mertajam Cafes You Must Visit When You're Around Penang

We all know Georgetown is famous for quirky, unique cafes that every tourist and local must-visit. But did you know there are several Bukit Mertajam cafes worth visiting while you’re in Penang? We’ve compiled a few of the best ones! 

Bukit Mertajam Cafes Worth Visiting

1) Fourspoons Dessert Cafe Penang

Dessert lovers will be over the moon when they visit this cafe! Their waffles are of a different shape rather than the ordinary square or rectangle waffle. Customers love coming here for their tasty waffles topped with home-made ice-cream of your choice, along with a cup of coffee to go with it. 

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Bukit Mertajam cafes
Image credit: Fourspoons' Facebook Page

2) Grain Modern Food

Aside from being known for its minimalistic interior among other Bukit Mertajam cafes, Grain Modern Food is famous for its western cuisine ranging from a classic breakfast omelette to a warm plate of Fish & Chips, you’ll be spoilt for choice with their breakfast, lunch and dinner menu. Take aesthetic pictures while enjoying their delicious tasty meals! 

Bukit Mertajam cafes
Image credit: Grain Modern Food's Facebook Page

3) Kopi Chap Tekoh

For those that prefer the classic cup of coffee with a slice of toast for breakfast, head over to Kopi Chap Tekoh, a humble Bukit Mertajam cafe that brings a nostalgic feeling upon entering. For a little twist, they add little marshmallows in their coffee as well if requested. Sometimes, all you need is a good cup of coffee and warm slices of toast to start the day. 

Bukit Mertajam cafes
Image credit: Kopi Chap Tekoh's Facebook Page

4) Hideout Cafe

Malaysians love their nasi lemak, which is one of the recommended dishes to try in Hideout Cafe! You could also off their Menu Of The Day which consists of several dishes on special promotion on the day itself. They have sandwiches, salad, pasta, pizza and several other main dishes. Grab a cup of coffee to go along your meals in this cosy cafe. 

Bukit Mertajam cafes
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5) Born 16 Softserve

To brace the blazing heat while you’re in Bukit Mertajam, enjoy some cooling Soft Serve on its own, or together with Belgian waffles! Their flavours range from Strawberry to Lychee. They offer a handful of toppings for you to choose from for your soft-serve ice cream or waffle.  While you’re here, you can also consider their fresh juices or Italian soda consisting of different fruits mixed together. 

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Bukit Mertajam cafes
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6) Jaged Cafe

Craving for Brown Sugar boba and cheesecake? Well, Jaged Cafe serves both on a single plate! Cheese and bobba lovers would enjoy this dessert. Sweet tooths will also enjoy their other desserts such as brownies, tiramisu cakes and more! 

Bukit Mertajam cafes
Image credit: Jaged Cafe's Facebook Page

7) Two Seven Coffee

What makes this cafe unique is their interior are all hand-made, including their table decorations. When you’re at this cafe, you should try their Smoked Salmon & Salted Egg Spaghetti, served with their home-made salted egg sauce. Of course, you can’t miss out their coffee as well, made with a mixture of single-origin beans. They also offer a few dessert selections such as crepe cakes. 

Bukit Mertajam cafes

Whether you’re a local or tourist visiting Penang, don’t forget to include visiting Bukit Mertajam cafes in your itinerary! 

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