Frequently Asked Questions

What is Carilocal?

Carilocal is a platform that helps you find the best local business recommendations.

How does Carilocal work?

Carilocal recommends businesses through titled listicles such as Best Hair Salons in KL & Selangor.

How do I find what I’m looking for?

You can either search through keywords (e.g. "western food") and/or location (e.g. "Petaling Jaya") using our search function or surf through categories. Results will return in titled listicles based on your keywords and/or location.

How do I get my business listed on Carilocal?

First, you’ll need to submit your business. Click on Business Submissions, and create an account (for first time users). Once you have an account, login and submit your business along with the required information for approval. Make sure your contact information is accurate so that our Carilocal team can reach out to you!

What happens after I have submitted my business?

1- Our Carilocal team will conduct a background check on your business and review your business based on the worthiness, completeness and accuracy of information. 2- Based on the review, our Carilocal team will either approve, request for re-submission or reject your business.

Are there any fees involved?

Carilocal charges a basic listing fee for permanent listing on We also provide premium and optional features at various fees to help you maximise exposure and generate more leads on Carilocal. We have on-going promotions from time to time. You can contact us at [email protected] to find out more!

Why is there a basic listing fee?

Carilocal is powered by a team who reviews businesses seriously, gets in touch with you whenever needed, and making sure your business is presentable and known upon being listed on Carilocal. We also provide default services for any business listing, including professional copy-writing, picture editing and marketing such as social media posting and Email Direct Mail (EDM) to our community of readers and business owners for newly listed businesses.

What are the default features provided for basic listing?

Any basic listing automatically comes with: 1- Display of one picture 2- One paragraph describing your business (written by our writer) 3- Link to your website 4- Link to your Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter 5- Your business address

Can I display more information, pictures or videos?

Yes, you can display more information by upgrading to a premium account which comes with additional features as below: 1- Display up to 5 pictures and/or videos 2- Insertion of your Google Maps URL 3- Email display 4- Contact no. display 5- A WhatsApp button 6- Up to 5 hyperlink buttons (e.g. "more locations", "read more" etc.) 7- Access to analytics and Carilocal enquiries (account creation required) Please contact us at [email protected] to find out more!

How else can I maximise exposure for my business on Carilocal?

Carilocal also provides other services such as feature writeups, featuring your business on our homepage, ad banner spaces and more. Please contact us at [email protected] to find out more!

Which titled listicle will my business be listed at?

Our Carilocal team will decide the most suitable listicle to list your business at.

Can my business be listed at more than 1 listicle?

Yes. There are additional charges for listing at more than one listicle. Please contact us at [email protected] to find out more.

Can I submit more than one business?

Yes, you may submit more than one business.

How does Carilocal establish the ranking of my business?

The ranking of your business is decided by the number of likes (votes) obtained on

Can I permanently display my business at the top spot?

Yes. There is a sponsored position available at every list. Please contact us at [email protected] to find out more.

Will ratings & reviews affect my business ranking?

They will not affect your business ranking on a list, but they contribute towards the High-Flyer recognition concluded every year.

What is “People’s Favourite on Carilocal”?

Your business is recognised as “People’s Favourite on Carilocal” when you attain a certain amount of likes, ratings and reviews within a given time frame. The requirements for this recognition may vary from time to time, but the recognition will not be revoked once given. The “People’s Favourite on Carilocal” recognition is in the form of a badge which our Carilocal team will update your business profile with once the requirements are fulfilled.

How does being “People’s Favourite on Carilocal” benefit me?

In order to obtain the recognition, you would have had to get people to like, rate and review your business. This allows your customers’ voices to be heard, and shows that you value them and their feedback. With this appreciation of them, customers get a feel-good feeling and this builds trust between both parties. Furthermore, a soft copy of the “People’s Favourite on Carilocal” badge will also be sent to you, so you can share this accomplishment on your own platforms!

What is the High-Flyer recognition?

High-Flyer recognises businesses on Carilocal that have achieved certain criteria pre-set by our Carilocal team for that year. Criteria include average rating, number of people rated, number of reviews and number of likes.

What do I get if my business achieves the High-Flyer status?

Your business will be differentiated by a High-Flyer status (e.g. a badge) on Carilocal. You’ll also receive recognition in the form of a certificate and social media exposure. This recognition could improve readers’ impression on your business.

What if I cannot find what I’m looking for on Carilocal?

You may submit your suggestions by clicking “Suggest A List” at the footer of

What if I find certain business discrepancies on Carilocal?

You may submit a report by clicking “Report” at the business detail page.