8 Easy Care Houseplants To Green-ify Your Space In Malaysia

By Yiing Zhi - June 16, 2021
8 Easy Care Houseplants To Green-ify Your Space In Malaysia

There are many benefits to having plants indoors. An obvious benefit would be cleaner air, as plants can help absorb toxins, increase humidity, and produce oxygen. It also adds life to an otherwise empty, stark, or dull place. With this "life", plants can help boost your mood, and improve productivity, concentration, and creativity as well. Caring for plants can also be a therapeutic experience! These should be reason enough to get some indoor plants, but you're still hesitant because you don't know the first thing about plants? Not to worry, for some plants can be cared for easily, and require little effort. All you need is a little knowledge, and you're good to go! You can also start off with just one type of plant if you're still not very confident. 

Some Green, Green, Houseplants

1) ZZ Plant

What is the ZZ plant, and why is it named such, you ask? Because its full name is Zamioculcas zamiifolia, and that's a mouthful. It's been around for centuries, originating in Africa, and therefore is pretty okay with neglect, drought, and low-light conditions. In other words, it's not a fussy plant and it will live. Leaves are smooth and waxy, reflecting sunlight and brightening rooms, and it's a great air purifier as well. It's also a slow grower, so no worries about it outgrowing containers rapidly.

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2) Aloe Vera

A plant that not only looks good indoors, but also has numerous health benefits when cut up? That's aloe vera for you! This plant contains antioxidant and antibacterial properties, and is also often used to soothe and moisturise. Furthermore, if you know how to (or Google or YouTube tutorial it), aloe vera can also be eaten, which is great for making refreshing drinks perfect to combat our hot weather!

3) Peace Lily

A plant that prefers indirect sunlight, bring a peace lily plant into your home to, well, promote peace! Great as an air purifier but also for decor, peace lilies are low maintenance, and they can also help promote restful sleep. If your home/bathroom/space is also prone to mould or mildew, you can also try to bring in a peace lily--it's said to absorb excess moisture from the air, thereby inhibiting mildew growth!

4) Areca Palm

If you like a slightly bigger plant and frondy leaves, why not go for the areca palm? Besides being easy to care for, it also absorbs indoor air pollutants, and emits more oxygen, so that air quality and air flow indoors is improved. Placed strategically, it also serves as great decor for your space! Last but not least, if you're a feng shui believer, the areca palm is also believed to bring wealth, peace, and prosperity!

5) Chinese/Lucky Bamboo

Call it what you want to call it, but Chinese bamboo isn't actually bamboo; it just looks like it. Chinese bamboo plants thrive on bright light, so try not to isolate it in darkness. It also doesn't necessarily require soil; roots will start growing once the stems/stalks are in contact with water. Immensely popular as gifts during Chinese New Year, these plants are believed to bring blessings and all the good things.

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6) English Ivy

Seen strands and curtains of ivy trailing down the sides of Victorian houses? Well, you can now replicate those vibes, though we're not saying you have to let English ivy take over your entire house. Place them high, and watch it cascade down in a soothing manner. It's particularly good for relaxing the airways and reducing coughs, though it also contains anti-inflammatory properties. 

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7) Spanish Moss Air Plant

Air plants don't need soil to survive; in fact, they can't grow in soil. They absorb nutrients from the air, though they still need water and sunlight to survive. Spanish moss is a type of air plant, and it can actually look just like a tangled mass of growth. Out in the wild, they hang from trees, and its roots are only functional to attach, and not for nutrients. Indoors, you can let it hang from a pot, or get them as decorative items either hanging from frames or encased in transparent orbs, just as examples. 

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8) Succulents

Succulents are plants with parts that are thickened, fleshy, and engorged, usually to retain water when the going gets tough. In other words, these plants are plucky little things that can survive with little to no care. Succulents have recently grown in popularity, most likely due to its easy care, and a quick Google search will yield so many results you'll have a hard time choosing what you want! 

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