20 Wedding Songs To Celebrate Your New Life As A Married Couple

By Yiing Zhi - September 18, 2020
20 Wedding Songs To Celebrate Your New Life As A Married Couple

There's no denying the fact that music helps set the mood of any occasion, including weddings. Whether for your ceremony, your dinner march-in, a performance, your own dances, an intimate sit-down session with close friends and family or any other option you choose for your wedding, here's a list of 20 wedding songs to celebrate your new life as a married couple!

Romantic Wedding Songs

1) L-O-V-E

A classic bop that instantly puts everyone into a dance-y mood, or at least most will be singing along to it!

2) You're The One That I Want

Perfect for couples who love Grease and/or want to show off some dance skills, as this is an upbeat one!

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3) Beautiful in White

One of those wedding songs used at every wedding, but for good reason!

4) A Thousand Years

Wildly popular thanks to Perri's angelic voice and meaningful lyrics!

5) Perfect

We don't want to be a cliche, but this song is... perfect.

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6) Just The Way You Are

Acceptance at its very core with this song - celebrate your other half and the way they are!

7) Endless Love

A soulful classic perfect to slow dance to, or maybe to be kept for personal listening after everyone has gone back.

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8) Sugar, Sugar

Upbeat and cutesy, this lifts spirits even more and wedding and is perfect for everyone to jam to!

9) Your Song

Another classic, Your Song was top of the charts for good reason - hear it out!

10) From This Moment On

Promise, commitment and excitement for the future wrapped up in this song.

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11) Say You Won't Let Go

The title says it all - cling to each other as you dance to this one!

12) All My Life

One of those "finally" moments when you find your other half; the person you want to spend all your life with!

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13) All of Me

Come on, everyone's gotta know this one! 

14) Can't Take My Eyes Off You

This is a mood, this is a jam - play this and watch everyone groove along to it!

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15) I Won't Give Up

Perfect to honour your marriage and commitment to each other!

16) Lover

One of the most modern ones on this list, nevertheless a good choice, especially for Tay Tay's fans!

17) Marry You

The bells in this song immediately cements the fact that yes, this is your wedding - enjoy it!

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18) Lucky

For those "I can't believe I married my best friend!" moments.

19) Can't Help Falling in Love

A well-loved classic covered by many people and available in many renditions - just take your pick but don't skip this!

20) Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You

Romantic, dramatic; pulling out all the stops with this one!

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We hope you enjoy this list of wedding songs; congratulations and we wish you all the best with your joyful union!