12 Answers To The Question: What To Eat In Taipan?

By Yiing Zhi - August 25, 2020
12 Answers To The Question: What To Eat In Taipan?

The good thing about living in the city, or at least surrounding the city, is that there is absolutely no shortage of food. It's no secret that we Malaysians love our food, and we're always on the hunt for good food, sometimes even travelling far and wide to try out some local, authentic delicacies. However, if you're living in the KL & Selangor areas and don't really want to go too far, preferring to hang out a little closer to home, try Taipan, otherwise known as Taipan Business Centre or USJ 10. Sure, it might not be as well known as its other Subang Jaya counterparts like SS15 or the Sunway University area, but Taipan has plenty of food choices and its own charm. In other words, this is your guide to "What to Eat in Taipan?"

So Really, What To Eat In Taipan?

1) Logenhaus Roast & Grill

Logenhaus Roast & Grill specialises in German food, and you get plenty of meat selections here ranging from grilled/roasted chicken, steaks and sausages just to name a few. For non meat-lovers, you can also order their salmon steak! The interior of Logenhaus is spacious yet cosy with warm, orange lights, making it a perfect setting for family/friend gatherings or romantic date nights. All in all, it's quite a landmark of Taipan, and a familiar favourite in the area!

Image Credit: Restoran Logenhaus Roast & Grill Facebook Page

Phone Number: 03-5635 0733
Facebook: Restoran Logenhaus Roast & Grill
Business Hours: 12 -3 pm; 6 - 10 pm
Address: Taipan Triangle, UEP Subang Jaya, 50, Jalan USJ 10/1B, Taipan Business Centre, 47620 Subang Jaya.

Not into German food? Maybe some French Restaurants suit your taste better?

2) Kedai Kopi Nanking

Kedai Kopi Nanking is a corner lot, typical Malaysian kopitiam, and it is packed to the brim every weekday for lunch especially, though it is actually open for breakfast all the way to supper time. Popular with office workers and students alike, you get the usual hawker food available at kopitiams here, including chicken rice, char koay teow, Thai food, porridge, (a variety) of noodle soup and dried noodles... Of course, not to forget that you can also get soft-boiled eggs, roti bakar and your favourite beverages here including old school coffee and tea!

Image Credit:

Phone Number: 03-7566 3223
Business Hours: 6:30 am - 2 am
Address: Taipan, 36, Jalan USJ 10/1, Taipan Business Centre, 47620 Subang Jaya.

3) The Brew House

The Brew House has been cropping up in several places in recent years, and it has also made its mark in Taipan. Primarily good for knocking back a couple of cold drinks with buddies, The Brew House nevertheless serves a wide array of food that appeals to most people. They are well-known for their pork creations, including "Pigs in a Blanket". Best described as a "fusion of Pan-Asian to modern western", The Brew House can also accommodate large group bookings and even events!

Image Credit: The Brew House Taipan, Subang Jaya Facebook Page

Phone Number: 03-8011 6815
Facebook: The Brew House Taipan, Subang Jaya
Instagram: @thebrewhousemy
Business Hours: 11:30 am - 2 am
Address: No. 6A & 7A, Jalan USJ 10/1H, Subang Jaya.

4) The Carpenter's Daughter Artisan Bakery & Cafe

The Carpenter's Daughter is one of those quaint little places that is fuss-free, but keeps the crowd coming over and over again. They are a bakery and cafe, where you can buy a selection of their artisanal breads, pastries, cakes and cookies; while also having the option to dine in and be treated to salads and soups, pastas and mains. A comfy place to enjoy a meal whether alone or with loved ones, The Carpenter's Daughter is another one of those places that come to (my) mind when the question of "what to eat in Taipan?" is raised.

Image Credit: The Carpenter's Daughter (TCD) Artisan Bakery & Cafe Facebook Page

Phone Number: 03-8081 1218
Facebook: The Carpenter's Daughter (TCD) Artisan Bakery & Cafe
Business Hours: 8 - 9:30 pm on weekdays; 8:30 - 9:30 pm on weekends
Address: 46G, Jalan USJ 10/1E, Subang Square, 47620 Subang Jaya.

5) Dae Jang Gum

Die-hard K-drama fans may be going "wait a minute, isn't this..." Yes, yes it is. This restaurant shares the same name with the popular K-drama series Dae Jang Geum, which is based on a true story of a physician who managed to cure the king of his ailments with her cooking. Apparently, Dae Jang Gum (or other similar spelling) is a popular choice for Korean restaurants worldwide. Here, you'll find all you're expecting at a Korean restaurant, with a comfortable environment and depictions of the Korean actress who portrayed the actress in the TV series. 

Image Credit:

Phone Number: 03-5621 7002
Business Hours: 5 - 10:30 pm on Mondays; 11 am - 3 pm, 5:30 - 10:30 pm on other days
Address: 15-G, Jalan USJ 10/1F, 47620 Subang Jaya.

6) Las Carretas Restaurant & Bar

Las Carretas is a Mexican restaurant that has a few branches, namely in Ampang, Damansara and Taipan, Subang Jaya. It has been a mainstay for quite a while now, serving Mexican food in all forms from appetisers to main courses. Of course, there are the ones which everyone knows: tacos, burritos, enchiladas, quesadillas and fajitas. Besides that, they also serve pasta, seafood and steak, and you could also order some sides to go along with them!

Image Credit: Las Carretas Malaysia Facebook Page

Phone Number: 03-5637 3058
Facebook: Las Carretas Malaysia
Instagram: @lascarreatsmalaysia
Business Hours: 5 - 10 pm on Sundays; 12 - 2:30 pm, 6 - 10 pm on other days
Address: 29, Jalan USJ 10/1F, Taipan Business Centre, 47620 Subang Jaya.

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7) Victoria Station

Victoria Station hardly needs any introduction, being a three-generation steakhouse that has stood the test of time. Best known for its train setting, Victoria Station is one of those classic Western food restaurants that has been around in Malaysia for a while now. They are best known for their steaks, though other mains like poultry and seafood are available as well!

Image Credit: Victoria Station Facebook Page

Phone Number: 03-5636 7508
Facebook: Victoria Station
Instagram: @victoriastationcommy
Business Hours: 10 am - 12 am
Address: 21 & 23, Jalan USJ 10/1G, Taipan Business Centre, 47620 Subang Jaya.

8) Patisfrance

Patisfrance is actually more of a bakery, but you can also opt to dine-in with their range of pastry and tea or coffee. Besides bread and other various baked goods, plenty also drop by Patisfrance for their gelato, which is quite popular in the Subang Jaya area. The best time to visit is actually early morning just as all their goods are freshly baked and being brought out--you haven't experienced contentment until you've bitten into a freshly-baked bun accompanied by your preferred hot beverage on an early morning. Personally, we recommend the Chicken Potato Bun, but to each their own!

Patisfrance Bakery, USJ, Selangor

Image Credit:

Phone Number: 03-5621 6726
Business Hours: 8 am - 11 pm
Address: 62, Jalan USJ/1B, 47620 Subang Jaya.

9) Uncle Don's 

Uncle Don's is another restaurant that has been making its mark nationwide--previously they were just in SS2, Petaling Jaya, and hardly anywhere else. Now they're in Taipan, Setia Alam, and are even expanding to Malaysia's East Coast! Expect a mixture of Eastern and Western cuisine here, with Uncle Don's serving everything from juicy burgers to fried rice. Those who are looking for a drink would also be right at home with Uncle Don's, for they provide a selection of alcoholic beverages as well. Sometimes they even have special promotions for drinks, making it popular as a drinking spot!

Image Credit: Uncle Don's Facebook Page

Phone Number: 011-5966 5864
Facebook: Uncle Don's
Instagram: @uncledons.official
Business Hours: 12 pm - 1 am
Address: 55A, Jalan USJ 10/1F, Taipan Business Centre, 47620 Subang Jaya.

10) Daorae Korean BBQ

Korean food is actually becoming more and more of a crowd favourite, probably thanks to the major influx of K-dramas, K-pop and general K-culture. Many particularly enjoy Korean BBQ, and Daorae is one of those places which provides a decent Korean BBQ, accompanied with all the usual Korean side dishes. Besides Korean BBQ, you can also order other dishes such as fried rice or herbal chicken. Don't forget to knock back some soju while you're at it! Daorae also has a few other branches other than the Taipan one.

Image Credit:

Phone Number: 03-8024 2616
Facebook: Daorae Subang USJ
Instagram: @daoraekoreanbbq
Business Hours: 11:30 am - 3 pm, 5:30 - 11 pm
Address: 8C, Jalan USJ 10/1J, USJ 10, 47620 Subang Jaya.

11) Kayu Nasi Kandar

This list wouldn't be complete without a mention of Kayu Nasi Kandar, which is basically like a mamak stall. Befitting its name, many flock to Kayu for their nasi kandar, especially during lunch time. But it is also a popular hangout spot from breakfast, tea time to supper time. After all, there's not many things Malaysians love more than chilling with friends at a mamak, sipping on some ice-cold teh o ais limau!

Image Credit:

Phone Number: 03-5624 1276
Business Hours: 24 hours
Address: 23-1, Jalan USJ 10/1, Taipan Business Centre, 47620 Subang Jaya.

12) Inside Scoop

What better than to wash it all down than dessert? Proudly Malaysian, Inside Scoop has made its mark nationwide, and continues to thrill us with their ice-cream creations and unique flavours, some of which are inspired by local delicacies such as durian, teh tarik, kopi peng, onde-onde, and many others. They have waffles to go along with their ice cream if that's your thing, or you can also order ice-cream cakes for a special occasion! Yum!

Image Credit: Inside Scoop Facebook Page

Phone Number: 03-8081 4735
Facebook: Inside Scoop
Instagram: @myinsidescoop
Business Hours: 1 - 11 pm on Mondays - Thursdays; 12:30 pm - 12 am on Fridays and Saturdays; 12:30 -11 pm on Sundays
Address: 27, Jalan USJ 10/1E, Taipan Business Centre, 47620 Subang Jaya.

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And that's all we have for this edition of "What to Eat in Taipan?"! We hope this helps answers the question of "where to eat?" or "what to eat?", or at least help you get started! If you have any other restaurants you'd like to recommend, let us know in the comments below! If you're a business owner and would like to be listed, you can submit your business to by clicking on "Business Submissions"!

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