7 Tips To Setting Up A Comfortable, Productive Home Office

By Yiing Zhi - July 21, 2021
7 Tips To Setting Up A Comfortable, Productive Home Office

Pandemic or not, the working from home option might be here to stay. Even if you don't have to work from home, having a dedicated home office is always helpful, in case you need to get things done, or just have a productive space to call your own. Whichever it maybe, we have some tips on setting up a comfortable, productive space, as well as where/who you can go to for help.

Setting Up Your Home Office

1) Select the Best Location

In other words, you definitely need a dedicated space just for work, and nothing else. Don't try to work in bed, or on your sofa with the TV screen glaring at you, if possible. If you have a spare room or an empty space somewhere, you're all set. Otherwise, you might have to shift around some things and carve out a space, even if it's not much, just to call your office. Some use their dining table and find it perfectly fine, but each individual is different. Some use a corner in their bedrooms. Some really have an office, and that's cool.

2) Make Sure It Has Some Privacy

Your office should be your own, best not shared with anyone else. If you have to, try setting up partitions of your own, using either furniture or something as simple as a curtain hanging on a rod, just so you can "close the door" to your office. In a shared space (such as with children), laying down some ground rules regarding time might be good as well, just everyone knows what they're doing. Privacy also helps eliminate distractions, which will increase productivity instead. 

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3) Ensure That There's Adequate Lighting

Let's face it, we all work with screens now, and while screens and sometimes even keyboards do light up, you'll still need adequate lighting to keep from straining your eyes unnecessarily. Natural lighting is best where you can get it, so you might want to consider setting up near a window, or at a place where natural light can shine in. Other than that, you could also supplement lighting with, well, lights. There are plenty of lighting options available, depending on your setup.

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4) Assemble Your Furniture and Tools

You'll need the right furniture and equiment if you're to work comfortably and productively. Invest in ergonomic chairs, a suitable table (standing tables are all the rage right now), a laptop stand, an extra monitor, a printer, storage systems to keep your stationery and/or files/paperwork... Leaving everything scattered about or having unhelpful furniture can really bog your productivity levels down. There are plenty of options out there, and you can start here:

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5) Don't Miss Out On Air Quality and Ventilation

Well, if you're going to be at home all day, it only makes sense to ensure that the air quality at home is good, and that your office space at least, is properly ventilated. Stuffy spaces can feel majorly uncomfortable, and low-quality air might trigger allergies or lead to other problems down the road. There are plenty of options for air quality and ventilation, ranging from a simple fan to high-tech air purifiers; take your pick.

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6) Add A Splash of Colour

Different colours actually have different properties, and having your space, or at least your walls, painted in certain colours can help evoke different feelings. Depending on what you're going for, blue is said to increase focus and logic, while green is a soothing, balanced colours. Certain other bright colours can help foster creativity, while neutral, pastel shades have calming effects. You might also want to play around with textures and things like that!

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7) Personalise Your Space

Last but not least, your work space is yours, so decorate it with things you like, and what makes you happy. You can set a board up and pin photos, quotes, or to-do lists to it, or have some small plants on your desk. Maybe you like scents you want a scented candle, or a diffuser. Happy space, happy worker. You'll then feel more comfortable and perhaps even look forward to be in that space every day!

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