Salt x Paper

Tired of the same old generic and mundane-looking notebooks? You might want to check out Salt x Paper, where they offer colourful notebooks with different themes like pastries, Japanese food and mixed fruits on the front covers. You can also find other items like gift tags, greeting cards, postcards and stickers. Any purchases above RM100 can enjoy free shipping nationwide.

Irwin Choo

June 08, 2020

When I was strolling along Gaya Street, I happened to be attracted to the interior design of this shop. I was thinking why not; anyway I was a little hungry. I was really captivated by the stationeries and the unique layout of the items so much so it gave me an impression that an overtly creative person with borderline obsessive compulsive disorder suddenly woke up and decided to arrange stationeries so meticulously against an elegant backdrop of matching colours. Where was the food section? Before I could embarrass myself by asking for the menu, I realised it was Salt x Paper. I ended up spending an hour here soaking in the dreamy ambience this shop exuberated. I was quite reluctant to admit that the stationeries exhibited are attractively cute cause I rarely show so much interest in stationeries. I knew I had to resist the temptation to indulge in such fanciful atmosphere before I end up buying every single item off the shelve.

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