Minus 4 Degrees

Minus 4 Degrees is proudly presented to you by a mother-and-daughter team, Kim Ngoh and Sarah Tan. All their ice creams are homemade in small batches to ensure freshness and consistency. For the utmost quality, they use only premium ingredients and natural flavours. You can purchase their ice cream online, where they have a range of flavours available, ranging from Dark Chocolate to Lemon Thyme.

Low Pooi Hoon

July 18, 2020

Love the Bacardi Rum & Raisin flavour. Can taste the rum in every bite. LOVE IT!!

Grace Wong

July 07, 2020

Great natural ingredients, but had expected it to be more creamy? Maybe its because the quality of local ingredients? Overall taste delicious

Melanie Lim Su Yin

June 03, 2020

Rich and creamy! Delicious! You can taste the quality of the ingredient in every month.

Daniel Lee

June 02, 2020

The first time i tasted it, i thought to myself, all my future ice-creams need to taste like this!! So creamy and pure of its flavoured ingredient. Minus 4 Degrees is definitely the Kickstarter of ice-cream innovation! Targeting on taste, quality and even tub design with purpose built functionality, all with consumers' needs in mind. Bravo!

Lemuel Yee

June 02, 2020

Minus 4 Degrees will spoil you for all other ice creams!

Xi Voon Tan

June 01, 2020

Definitely one of the best artisanal ice cream makers in town! Personally, I like my ice cream rich and creamy. Minus 4 Degrees check both the boxes, and come loaded with flavours that pack a punch! It is quite an achievement, considering no superfluous flavour enhancers are involved here. I highly recommend their booze-infused creations like Rum and Raisins, as well as Bailey Coffee that will likely leave you drunk in love (pun intended lol) if you are on board with the spirited notes. And their durian ice cream is simply sensational! It's seasonal though. Please grab it whenever you can. Lastly, the French Vanilla ice cream deserves a special mention. The nuance of the vanilla beans is distinctive, though not too heavy-handed - a classic done right, I'd say.

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