Makeup Miracle Academy & Beauty Workshop

Founded in 2010, Makeup Miracle Academy & Workshop offers a chance for students to hone their skills in every aspect of makeup and hairstyling technique. The courses offered include professional makeup, bridal makeup, personal makeup, beauty makeup, as well as artistry makeup and creative hairstyling.

Lai Kee Choo

April 22, 2020

Glad to have found this academy for me to start my make up journey. Despite the essential classes to be a professional make up artist, the founder and educators had taught us a lot other industry related knowledge to aid in building up our career. Am proud to be a MM student and professional make up artist to be. Thumbs up to the team! 💜

Dexler Ng

April 22, 2020

Honestly, bein here feels like a dream to me. From the first time i saw its name, Makeup Miracle, i knew tis is goin to be somethin wonderful for me. I was nervous & excited about how this new chapter of my life is goin to be, yet i’m so lucky to hav Kenny & Mike as my tutors. Both of them are very passionate & knowledgable makeup educators, they both give great advice & teachin skills to help laid the best foundation upon learnin. & because both of them hav been in the beauty community longer than u could ever imagine so when they teach you, you know you’re not in the wrong hands. Mike is the best mentor i could ever hav, he always brings up so much joy whenever he teaches, you’ll never feel borin during his class. Students call his hands “Fairy’s Wand” cause he can fix anythin!🤣Mike’s also the best friend you could ever hav, he has been with me through my up & downs and also helped me through my tough times. no words can describe my love to him🙂and for Kenny wise, i haven’t been much to his class but whenever he teaches me, he ALWAYS sought to hav your makeup as perfect as possible & ALWAYS Agives out the best encouragement. I will ever appreciate Kenny & Mike for even existed of my life. Bein in Makeup Miracle is like a big family, every student in Makeup Miracle are treated equally, fairly & made to feel so welcome. Everyone cares for each other and everyone is so nice & friendly i felt like as if i’ve known them ever since. Without Makeup Miracle, I will never be who I am today. I’m so glad I’ve chosen MM, I hav so much to say that this little square isn’t big enough for it😹My beauty journey has just begun, i will thrive to the top, for the magic is real, Makeup Miracle has shown me that🖤

Jay Kay

April 22, 2020

내꿈을 이룰수있게 항상 함께해주는 미라클메이크업! 직장생활에 쫒겨 살던내게 꿈을꿀수있게 힘을주는 유일한 곳. 케니원장선생님두 최고!

Suki Wong

April 22, 2020

我是这个化妆学院的新生,在lock down 之前,在那期间我从我的化妆老师那里学到了很多技巧,但是因为现在情况lock down时段,但是老师还是耐心地指导我们通过网络来教我。这真是一家不错的化妆学院。我很高兴跟他们一起成长!加油~

Shwu Mun Ng

April 22, 2020

Glad to have participated in this academy. Great exposure and experience; & comfortable environment.

Kelvin Tan

April 22, 2020

I was a Professional Artistry student at Makeup Miracle. After joining Makeup Miracle, i not only learn new and updated makeup tricks and techniques, but i was also exposed to the world of beauty industry by doing offsite trainings and makeup jobs. I was taught the necessities to self marketing through networking and social media. Makeup Miracle have paved me my way into my career with the knowledge and confident i needed to face the competitive and ever changing industry.

Cynthia Chong

April 22, 2020

If you are serious about learning how to makeup, about hairdo, how to build your business profile and not giving up at world-class makeup events, this is the academy to be! Where professional makeup artists and hair stylists make their first baby step.

Siew Ying

April 22, 2020

After having a few months of learning experience in this academy, I find out this is the only best place to help achieve my goal as a professional make up artist. The environment is clean and comfortable. They provide good products and experienced trainer for student. I also met friends and fellas there who encourage me a lot in makeup field. The best part from this academy that I like the most is they not only provide knowledges inside the room, they provide job training and real job opportunity out there as well. This academy prepares us very well and practically for the work field. I definitely get out more than what I paid in this academy. Strongly recommend !

Ben Benz

April 22, 2020

As an alumni here, I was able to be the MUA for Miss Universe Malaysia and many other prestigious runway and magazine shoots confidently. Looking for an academy which goes out of their way to fight for great opportunities and career development for students? Stop searching, you have found it.

Elahe Pahlavan

April 22, 2020

The best make up academy that I know, it is one Of my best choice and decision to learn and start my make up journey with make up miracle , Make up miracle treat you well in best way and teach you everything to be a professional make up artist. So thankful to make up miracle which always supportive.

Michelle Gatdula Mak

April 22, 2020

I had finished my bridal makeup course at Makeup Miracle Academy and I would highly recommend this academy to anyone who’s interested in learning makeup artistry and how to build up a career around it. I was given the opportunity to not only learn but also to work on the field alongside makeup industry’s luminaries. I was lucky to have been given the exposures I need and have a taste of what it feels like to actually work in the glamorous field of beauty.

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