LivingSmile Dental Surgery

Attending dentists Dr. Andy Woon and Dr. Tow Herng Jye will be happy to attend to you from LivingSmile. Located at Lorong Selamat, LivingSmile Dental Surgery offers services like family dentistry, pediatric dentistry, dentures, implants, full mouth rehabilitation, orthodontics and teeth whitening. Former patients have praised the doctors for their caring nature and great skills in dentistry.

Janice Teo

April 28, 2020

The professionalism , services and friendliness of the whole team is outstanding. I’ve been going with them for a complicated process and then regular check up and cleaning. Every visit is like visiting friends😊. I would seriously highly recommend to my family members and friends.

Wai Che Woo

April 27, 2020

I love that they organize time slots for patients. Dr Tow’s ultra-careful examining, detailed polishing and her very gentle tooth extraction are what made me recommend people to come.

Kätlin Chëw

April 26, 2020

Dr. Tow is very nice and professional. Highly recommended !!!

Aaron Tan

April 25, 2020

Amazing service and follow up by caring doctors and staff. Dr Andy and Dr Tow displayed true professionalism and dedication!

Celine Lee

April 24, 2020

Highly recommended . Great services , honestly and friendly by the professional Dr Woon and Dr Tow .

Tan Swee Nee

April 24, 2020

Very professional and great service provided. Thumbs up for Dr. Tow.

Sueveena Shalni

April 24, 2020

Highly recommended! Dr Tow is a very patient and friendly dentist.

Jtwspbi Wu

April 24, 2020

Highly recommended ! Professional advice and service.

Priscilla Yeoh

April 24, 2020

Each visit was always pleasant! Highly recommend!

Boon Hui

April 24, 2020

Honest and great service by the doctors. Highly recommended!

SeowYin Ngo

April 24, 2020

The clinic is clean and cozy. The nurses are very friendly. My kids love Dr Tow. She is very patient with children, makes them feel comfortable everytime. I would recommend her to any family with children!

Lee Yu

April 24, 2020

Honest Doctor Tow ....Didn't cheat ...

June Tan Hui Meen

April 24, 2020

Professional advice and service, value for money.

Wei Wei Tow

April 24, 2020

The only clinic I’ll ever visited :) love the fact that we can walk in barefoot with confidence that it’s super clean. I like my experience with a dentist being short, sharp, only have conversation that truly require and I can get out of the place ASAP with the right solution for my dental needs so that I can get back to my busy life! LivingSmile is giving me exactly what I am looking for and have been my go to place for years :)))

Christine Fox

April 24, 2020

I have been to many dentists in many countries and this is by far the best clinic I have been too. What impressed me the most is not just their professionalism and skills but also their honesty and integrity. A Collins st dentist in Melbourne Australia quoted me a price based on expensive filling material and Dr Andy gave me a more economical filling for my back tooth which was just as strong. I fly to Penang on a regular basis and living smile is my first stop. My husband and I wouldn't go anywhere else.

Michelle Teo

April 23, 2020

My favourite dental clinic

Lynn Lim

April 23, 2020

They are so professional and considerate. Highly recommended for all friends . 👍🏻👍🏻

ES Ooi

April 23, 2020

LivingSmile is the best dental clinic in town with the highly experience,knowledgeable and always provide good service in any circumstances by Dr Andy & Dr Tow. If you are looking for quality and value for money LivingSmile Is highly recommended.

Siew Yong Ang

April 23, 2020

My kids and I enjoyed every visit with the great teams of LivingSmile. It is also known as child-friendly dental clinic in Penang. I will highly recommend Dr. Tow and Dr. Andy to all my friends and relatives, especially for those who have children. 😊

Tow Woei Cheuan

April 23, 2020

Only i can said is Dr Andy Woon & Dr Tow skill are so amazing. My kids never scare toothache anymore because they told me got Dr Andy Woon & Dr Tow to help them.😁😁

Pepcy Chew

April 23, 2020

Great services, good and cozy environment and wonderful teams! Well done Dr. Tow and Dr. Woon, I would definitely visit again next times. Highly recommended for all friends. 👍😊

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