Kapten Batik

Kapten Batik’s range of men’s batik wears primarily aims for the younger generation, combining traditional textiles with contemporary design made suitable for any occasion. They have plenty of colours available including bright and dark tones, depending on your preferences. Apart from long- and short-sleeve shirts, they also sell casual short pants in colourful batik prints.

Izzwan Hakim

April 27, 2020

Wonderful design

Jerry Kazama

April 27, 2020

Good quality

Ahmad Mal

April 27, 2020

Top tier sales representative with wide array knowledge of traditional batik making; presented with one of a kind designs

Zulfadli Muhsin

April 27, 2020

Redefined modern Batik

Syarifah Syahila Azwa

April 27, 2020

Great service, nice design and FAST delivery. Kapten batik is the better choice for buying quality batik .

Alyn Syazleen

April 27, 2020

Good price and good quality. I absolutely adore the trendy styles this store offers. The clothes fit so well

Muhammad Danish

April 27, 2020

Good contemporary Batik style and nice to wear it. More design and affordable prices. #canweareverytime

Faizal Abu Talib

April 27, 2020

Nice modern and contemporary Batik style focusing for men's . lots of design and sold at affordable prices.

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