Jason’s Men Shop

Jason’s Men Shop has two outlets – one at Jalan Ampang and the other at Jalan Tun Razak. They also provide door-to-door tailoring for those who prefer to do so at the comfort of their own homes. This family business has been around for over 50 years (formerly known as King’s Men Shop) and specialise in tailoring using the finest fabric. Thanks to their experience and expertise, their clientele includes celebrities, ministers and other VIPs. They also cater to bulk orders, for uniforms, and they even offer express tailoring services if you need it urgently.

Vinodh Naidu

June 25, 2020

Great service and affordable. The owner walked me through what I actually want and advised me appropriately. Highly recommend.

Ram Ranai

June 23, 2020

A Great Family Business with Awesome customer service never seen before. Quality of fabric and their finishing touches are of the finest. You will not regret getting your suit to the fit your desire and surely it will look dapper. Cheers! to Jasons men Shop!!

Kish Ranai

June 23, 2020

Service is impeccable with strong emphasis to details that standout Jason’s Men Shop among the rest in the city. Their selection of suiting material from Ermenegildo Zegna, Scabal, Dormeuil to Holland & Sherry are among the world’s best. They are easily comparable to the top Savile Row tailor shops like Charlie Allen, Richard Anderson and Steven Hitchcock in London. Great service and friendly atmosphere the moment you step in and you are assured that your attire needs for the day or occasion are well taken of. Jason’s Men Shop epitomizes the words “Gaya (style), Mutu (quality), Keunggulan (excellence)” in the true sense of these words if I may be cheeky to borrow this Dunhill slogan. Get “millennial” Jason to measure you up today. I assure you will not be disappointed, you will leave this shop as a true gentlemen all geared up to face the challenges of this world with confidence!

Rais Aniq

June 23, 2020

When it comes to bespoke suits/tux’s. The first thing that comes to mind is how much will I have to spend. Hence why it took me 27 years to finally have my very first ever bespoke done. And my oh my I wasn’t disappointed, very friendly and professional owners. And about the price, it is all up to the customer. As they have more than 100+ + options of materials to bespoke. So I’m sure with whatever budget you have, Jason’s men shop will give you their best deal available.

Ash Weeni

June 23, 2020

Reliable service at an affordable price :)

Khishal Assudani

June 23, 2020

Overall, the experience was good, and easy to navigate. I needed a suit piece for a wedding and got a reasonable deal for what I wanted. The staff work hard to ensure you are satisfied and that they’re hitting the marks right.

Alif Lee

June 22, 2020

i had 3 suits done and a few suits altered here, fits me perfect and his attention to detail is amazing.

Shanthan Parthiban

June 22, 2020

I needed a suit for a friend’s wedding so I decided to take the leap and go to Jason’s Men Shop. The first appointment went well, the staff is listening to you, make you feel comfortable, offer you water as well. They advise you well based on budget and type of suit you would like. After choosing mine they took my measurements, very swiftly and accurately. The suit was finished 3-4 weeks later and I tried it, had couple more adjustments made but overall in a month and a half my 3 piece suit + shirt were ready and exactly as I want it. The price for the quality of suit and service is worth every penny. Also would like to add that the suit pouch is really nice and handy. I will definitely come back and do more shirts and suits in the near future. I strongly recommend them.

Jaz Khai

June 22, 2020

Before this I used to be buying suits off the racks from Retail stores and they do not fit me well not til I was recomended to Jason Men Shop by a mutual friend I have never bought any suits from retail stores ever since. Jason suits are of tip top quality and detailed! It made me look sharp and professional! I highly recomend Jason Men Shop! Jason is extremely humble, kind, patience, honest and thoughtful and understanding! Thank you Jason!

Harmeet Singh

June 22, 2020

By far the most knowledgeable and capable bespoke tailor in Kuala Lumpur. I've had bespoke suits in the past, and not only are Jason's Men Shop much better priced, the quality of service, the knowledge to choose the best fabric and style for my body type and complexion, mixed with impeccable tailoring. I couldn't be happier with my Jason's bespoke suits, I highly recommend this company to anyone wanting the perfect fitting suit that looks amazing.

Jaskiret Bbhatti

June 22, 2020

Previously, on suits......could never find anything I liked, and whenever I liked something it would cost nothing less than a plate of Gandhi's hair, Voldemort's kidney and a pint of leprechaun's blood. That is, until I found Jason's Men Shop. Great selection, exceptional service and most importantly, now I don't have to Google satanic rituals to resurrect Gandhi or his hair. This is now my go-to place everytime before one of my 562 relatives have an overpriced wedding, a second divorce or a mental hospital visit because Gurpreet forgot to switch off the air cond in the living room last night.

P Hepburn Ruston

June 22, 2020

Outstanding service and my husband looks amazing with every outfit suggested by Jason. Highly recommended!!!

Claudia Tania Sibert

June 22, 2020

Great communication and personalization is to the tee!

Julian Carlos

June 22, 2020

If you are in KL, a trip to Jason's Men Shop is a must. With the hundreds of Men's Wear tailors in the region, no competitor will offer the professional expertise and personal consideration for their clients. Starting with their product offering in the Men's Wear segment is endless regardless of your build or taste in clothing. Jason's Men Shop offers Suits, Blazers, Pants, and Shirts, all of which are made exactly to order. What's most impressive is that while all of their clothing is of the highest quality fabrics, Jason's Men Shop offers products at incredibly reasonable prices and as the quality of the clothing improves the prices match up accordingly. The service offered by Jason's Men Shop is what made me feel very comfortable about having suits made in KL. They are some of the most likeable and trustworthy people that I have ever met and I wouldn't consider shopping with anyone else. The first time a man customizes his clothing can be overwhelming with so many options, but Jason will walk you thru the process ensuring that you have the utmost confidence in your purchases. If you are an individual that appreciates fine men's wear and building a relationship with your tailor, Jason's Men Shop is the place for you!

Angelina Ranai

June 22, 2020

Great Service 👍🏽

Ankit Sanghvi

June 22, 2020

Jason's Men Shop has a vast selection of great material in all sorts of different colors, patterns, and prices which gives you plenty of options to select from. Their attention to detail is impeccable. As soon as I walked in to greet them after not seeing them for a year, they immediately remembered my name. Their end products are always amazing as I have gotten a couple suits and a few shirts from them over the past couple of years all tailored to me perfectly. They are so good that the last time I saw them, I had to put a word out to all of my friends about their amazing work which resulted in some of my friends coming and getting suits as well. Others saw the end products and can't wait until the next time they are back. So to everyone out there, Jason's Men Shop is the only tailor you need to know as they can create literally ANYTHING for your needs and will ALWAYS work with you. Jason and Uncle Pritam, hope that you are both doing well! Can't wait to see you both the next time !!!

Brindha Dorai

June 22, 2020

Catering to your every tailoring need - highly professional, trendy designs, the best quality suits and friendly service with a personal touch. There really is no other place like Jason's Men Shop.

Yalinirita Kanapathy

June 22, 2020

Amazing service! Jason was accommodating and very professional. He made the process very smooth and comfortable for us. Love their selection of materials and undeniable quality! Highly recommended.

Shivreena Sidhu

June 22, 2020

One can expect excellent service, craftsmanship and luxurious collections to choose from at an attractive price. Highly recommended!

Angelina C. De Rozario

June 22, 2020

Jason’s Men Shop has been around for more than 40+ years. Definitely the place to go for professional bespoke tailoring. Wide range of high quality fabrics and designs to choose from. Expect sales and after sales service professionalism at its best. Impeccably custom made suits to tailor for your every need.

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