Dorothy Scents

Fun fact about the name itself - the founder, Dorothy, started this company with her name. which is also both her grandmothers' name! Aside from selling authentic hand-crafted soy wax scented candles, you can find pretty bath bombs, essential oils and even candles for different parts of the house such as the kitchen or living room! They also provide customized candles with any words or letters you would want to be engraved on it, perfect to be given as a gift.

Skan Aseano

August 20, 2020

Quality !

Gwendoline Fletcher

August 20, 2020

Love the beautiful scents! Lemongrass and favourite!

Carl Michael Aeria

August 18, 2020

Great candles and selections. Have tried many different scents. Perfect for many environments and events.

Mellie Rodil Magallano

August 18, 2020

Candles are so nice & scents will make you feel relax & refresh on its kind of choices...

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