Ching Han Guan Biscuit Shop (钟汉元饼铺)

Ching Han Guan is no stranger to many especially the locals due to its long-established history of baking biscuits, the Teochew style. While they sell many kind of biscuits that reminisce our childhood, their signature item would be no other than the meat floss biscuit which is baked with lotus paste and salted egg yolk. Don’t forget book in advance as they only bake a limited quantity of meat floss biscuits each day.

Huipeng Neo

May 25, 2020

Must go place for all my CNY goodies because of all their unique flavours. Friends and family always asking me to get for them whenever I'm in Ipoh! Highly recommended!

Tricia Sim

May 24, 2020

Best place to go to local biscuits if you are in Ipoh. The must try for me is the bak kwa biscuits.

Precious Grace Hipolito

May 24, 2020

Definitely best place to get biscuits in Ipoh. Their speciality is meat floss lotus paste, BBQ meat lotus paste & walnut candy. Our personal favourite is dousha bing (豆沙饼) . You shouldn’t missed 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

chua HQ

May 24, 2020

must visit this place when you are in Ipoh..their pork floss biscuits are highly recommended👍

Karen Huang

May 24, 2020

best place to get biscuits when you are in ipoh. my personal favourite - pork floss biscuit and tau sar piah! must try!!

Christianne Ang

May 24, 2020

Great biscuits at great prices. Highly recommend.

Valen Chia

May 24, 2020

So yummy, I need to have this soon, 😋

Milly Tan

May 24, 2020

A must go stall when you’re in Ipoh and their meat floss biscuit is definitely a must try!! Highly recommended!

Marcus Ho

May 24, 2020

Love all the biscuit! Admire the hardwork and effort on their traditional way of making the biscuit! Handmade!!!!

Keith Keith

May 24, 2020

Best traditional pastry ever tasted. Wishes for more outlets 🙏

Marie Lim

May 24, 2020

Love those pork floss biscuits with salted egg yolk filling! ❤️ it’s definitely worth a try when in Ipoh!

Ben Ten

May 24, 2020

Their Bak Kwa biscuits are awesome!

Ashley Chan

May 24, 2020

Oh Very Nice...

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