Babyland Malaysia

One of the oldest stores is Babyland, which was founded in 1982. They are located in SS2, but you can also shop for their items online if you are unable to physically visit the store. From gift sets to formula milk and toys, you can find all you could possibly need for your baby right here!

Belle Belle

May 19, 2020

One of the best trusted baby store with good price and excellent service !

Violet Lee

May 14, 2020

My favourite place to get gifts for my neices and nephews, as well as expecting friends! Everything under one roof.

Chun Chiar

May 14, 2020

old and gold baby store shop in ss2, excellent service!

Carren Yap

May 12, 2020

Baby shop with a variety products. Good service and helpful staff. They’re provide sufficient product info.

Elaine Ee

May 11, 2020

Good Services

Suzee Wang

May 11, 2020

Great place to shop!

YL Ting

May 11, 2020

Its the go to store for all your pre and post natal needs. Personal service from very knowledgeable staff.

Hazel Loo Wai Leng

May 11, 2020

Thank you! Great delivery, products and customer service. Highly recommended.

Kah Meng

May 11, 2020

Great product with tip top customer service available for both in-store and delivery. The most trusted seller in Malaysia when it comes to Baby goods.

Ningtze Fong

May 08, 2020

Great place great service!

Michelle Khaw

May 08, 2020

Highly recommended for one stop mommy and baby's product.

Joe Cheong

May 08, 2020

Excellent services, delivery on time with brand new condition. I will spend my whole life buying baby product in baby land. Support till MAX.

Wendy Yong

May 08, 2020

Love their services and their vast range of products. I am very happy with the overall experience whenever I shop there.

Yee Chan

May 08, 2020

Babyland provides variety mommy & baby products. Strongly recommended!

Daniel Yuen

May 08, 2020

Highly recommended ! A pioneer with vast experiences on baby products 👍🏻

Joey Kong

May 08, 2020

One stop shops all for baby and mommy products. Affordable price, great service, friendly staff. Definitely your go-to place for soon to be moms and great moms!

Snapshotspix SG

May 08, 2020

Babyland is very good in communication and provide a wide range of baby & kids related products. The sales representative also has good product knowledge and hence providing recommendations during my visits to the stores.

Kenneth P. Kwarn

May 08, 2020

Babyland has always been the one stop baby shop for the past 30 over years. Superb service by every single staff and professional advice given when needed. They also have a very good selection of products that are either high end or more economical. Overall a very good place to go to when in need of baby stuff.

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